Typical Applications of Ceramic Ball Valves
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Typical Applications of Ceramic Ball Valves
Ceramic Ball Valves
Conventional metal or plastic materials used in valves can reach their limits in many industrial applications. Entirely new results often arise when high-performance Alumina/zirconia ceramic materials are selected and used.
Ceramics can be used to an advantage everywhere wear and corrosion resistance and  high temperature stability are needed.
Foyo has the most comprehensive range of tried and tested ceramic valve products available to our customers than does any other ceramic valve suppliers. 
Many of our ceramic lined ball valves(V-port and round port) can be delivered in a relatively short lead time and are often the most cost effective valves for the most demanding applications.

As the technological market leader for ceramic lined industrial valves and pipeline components, we continually open up new areas of application together with our customers. Our range of services consists of the design engineering, testing, production and delivery of such systems. And, Foyo provides outstanding after sales customer service through factory trained application engineers and field service technicians. Our system solutions enable a great economic benefit in many applications.Due to the fact that our products are used in almost all industrial sectors, our application engineers are aware of many different application problems and are usually already aware of a solution. 

Our standard products are designed for use in extreme conditions. But we are also working closely with our customers to develop new solutions while relying on our vast knowledge and experience of applying engineered ceramics to critical service valves.
In the valve sector, this includes:
-  Valves with multiple protective housings
-  Valves with blocking media
-  Valves with heating and cooling jackets
-  Valves manufactured from exotic material
-  Multi-ported valves
-  Sampling systems
Foyo valves are used and trusted by well know companies from all over the world. Reference can be supplied as requested.

COAL FIRED POWER PLANTS: Flue gas desulphurisation plants (FGD): Lime slurry and gypsum slurry process water with high
chlorides and solids content
STEEL WORKS: Injection of coal powder (PCI); Injection of carbon powder in electric arc furnaces (EAF); Raw iron desulphurisation
(supply of additives: CaC, MgO2…)
POLYSILICON: Si3Cl4, TCS, raw silicon, splitting of silicon with acids, conveying of silicon powder …
WASTE INCINERATION PLANTS: HCl - prewashers, limestone suspension for pH regeneration, corrosive washing water (HF loaded)
PAPER & PULP/dye works: Kaolin, bentonite, fillers, dyes, bleachers, talcum....
Paper machine: Pulp residue, lime suspension, MgO2 , green liquor, wood particles in suspension…
MINING: Copper: Splitting of ore with H2SO4 , copper residues in suspension, concentrated copper slurries (˝ floatation˝ ) to the
filter, pneumatic conveying of copper powder to smelter, air bleed valve on the pneumatic conveying container…
There are similar applications for zinc and other noble metals.
PNEUMATIC CONVEYING: All types of dry bulk material (quartz, silicon, lime, coal, glass, cement, PP pellets…)
PETROCHEMISTRY: FCC aluminium oxide powder as the catalyst, catalyst slurry...
FERTILIZER: Ammonium nitrate slurry, phosphoric acid with solids (lime), dolomite, washing water with hydrofluoric acid content…
CHEMISTRY: PIGMENTS: TiO2 suspension, Ti3Cl4, H2SO4 + TiO2, FeCl2…