Alumina Ceramics-being wear and high temperature resistant
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Alumina Ceramics-being wear and high temperature resistant

Alumina ceramics is one traditional ceramics used in mechnical and chemical engineering, Thanks to its high hardness and good wear resistance, it is getting more and more popular in industrial fields.
The color of Alumina ceramics is somewhat grade dependant, but generally is white. Variations include a pink ceramics (88% alumina ceramics), or a brown ceramic (96% alumina ceramics). The color derives from either the sintering impurities or additives in the raw materials. Anderman Ceramics offers a wide range of Alumina Ceramic ranging from 60% to 99.99%, utilising a variety of manufacturing methods and technology utilising extensive experience throughout the business.
High purity alumina ceramics are ideal for a variety of environments including where resistance to wear and corrosive substances are required and it also contains excellent thermal stability, which means that it is widely used in areas where resistance to high temperatures is required.
This material is a good choice one for alumina wear parts. The proven wear and heat resistance of alumina wear parts make them ideal for the manufacture of wear-resistant components.
Alumina has a high melting point, high hardness, although mechanical strength is reduced at temperatures above 10000C. Due to the relatively large coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance is reduced.
Alumina ceramics is an electrically insulating material, with a high electrical resistivity, increasing with purity.
Good chemical stability of alumina leads to high corrosion resistance. It is insoluble in water and only slightly soluble in strong acid and alkaline solutions(such as HCL, H2SO4,HNO3,etc). Testing has shown that the low chemical solubility of alumina ceramics components makes them highly resistant to chemical corrosion. 
This is what makes high purity alumina the material of choice for valve components in a wide range of industrial applications.
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