Soft Valve Seats
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Soft Valve Seats

Valve Seats & sealing

Foyo supply a wide range of soft seat configurations across many industries supplying major global customers.


  • Valve seats and seat inserts - seats for all types of valves including ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, plug valves.
  • Valve stem seals - including chevron packing and all types of energised seals.
  • Complete valves, valve liners and linings.

Valve Seat Materials

Among the materials in which we manufacture valve components are the following:

  • PTFE, all filled grades of PTFE. Modified PTFE (TFM) and filled grades.
  • Fluoropolymers of all types including PCTFE, ETFE (including filled grades), ECTFE and PVDF.
  • High performance plastics including PEEK, PEI, PPS and various specially developed grades of polyamide
  • Rubber
For the categorisation of valve operating characteristics (in particular operating torque) plastic valve seat materials can be grouped in three categories Stiff, Normal and Flexible.
  • "Stiff" materials include filled grades of high performance engineering plastics such as PEEK.
  • "Normal" plastic materials include virgin PEEK, polyamides and PCTFE.
  • "Flexible" materials are mainly PTFE (and its derivatives) both filled and unfilled.


  • We can develop many materials against specific valve applications or on your request.
  • Standard sizes ranging up to 1550mm (larger sizes available upon request)