V-Port Ceramic Ball Valves for Liquid Chlorine Slurry
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V-Port Ceramic Ball Valves for Liquid Chlorine Slurry
Bore Sizes:
1" to 6"(DN25 to DN150)
Pressure Ratings:
CL150 to CL 600
Liquid Chlorine Slurry
FOYO valve Application Reference

Customer:  Sichuan Xinfu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Installation Date: April,2010
Valve Size: 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 3",4"
Pressure Rating: CL150
Temperature: -20℃
Actuation: Pneumatic control systtem
Process/Media: Liquid Chlorine(Cl2)
Service Life:  3 years

Xinfu Chemical - one of Chlorine chemical companies and the manufacturers of “methyl alcohol” weed killer - has been using our line of solid ceramic ball valves since their very first installation in Luzhou,China.
AL plant. Since then, our v-port ceramic  valve have been installed  for the control of liquid chlorine slurry.
The valves have performed extremely well in this very caustic and abrasive slurry. The valve life is on average three (3) years - after which a new socket is needed, and possibly a ball. Packing is always a recommended replacement item. Since the exterior environment in which the valve is installed is relatively free of chlorine, the stainless steel housing and hardware - although not compatible with chlorine - do not corrode nor pit as they would in a high chlorine environment. Most of the actuator and positioner packages installed on the current Foyo ceramic valves, which is a great cost saving for the customer when switching to the Foyo full lined ceramic ball valves.

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