Mosaic Ceramics Lined Elbows
Mosaic Ceramics Lined Elbows
Bore Sizes:
DN150(6") to DN1000(40")
Pressure Ratings:
CL150~CL300(PN10 to PN40)
Pneumatic and/or Water transportation of:
• Lime slurry
• waste
• Titanium oxide and iron oxide
• Ores in mining
• Rutilit, sinter dust,
• Coal dust, lime + magnesium
• Any other abrasive/corrosive mediums
The mosaic ceramics lined elbows are mainly used in high abrasive and corrosive medium.
The ideal level of wear protection is ensured thanks to the use of high performance engineering ceramics and an appropriate dimensioning of the radius.  Customized size is available. 

Jacket: Carbon Steel(WCB, Q235A, AISI 1020, AISI 1045), Stainless Steel(SS304, SS316, SS316L)
Ceramics Lining: 95%Al2O3, 99%Al2O3, ZrO2, Silicon carbide(SiC), Silicon Nitride(Si3N4),